Learn to Sell, Sell, Sell your Photography Services!

This exclusive content is packed full of comprehensive strategies on marketing your photography business effectively. In this kit, you'll receive:
  1. An easy-to-understand process which makes your photography marketing systematic. You'll never sit around wondering where to start your marketing efforts.
  2. A comprehensive set of lists and ideas for you to follow in your marketing campaigns. You'll be provided with a strong starting point.
  3. Tips on how to go through the marketing process. Teaches you the marketing cycle your photography business should follow.
  4. Methods on targeting your niche market. You can see how to focus on specific niche markets for your photography business.
  5. How to build a database of customers. Discover system which you should have implemented into your business.
  6. Examples of exercises to help guide you through strategising your marketing campaign. You must plan your attack before you strike, remember to keep track of your marketing efforts.
  7. A list of 72 ideas where you can advertise and market your photography business. Think how this list can help you think of ideas to help with your marketing.

This book presents information which makes it super-easy for you to strategize your marketing pursuits for your photography business. The kit provides you the best information available for you to be ready to tackle marketing for your photograpy business.
You Don't Want to Have a Photography Business Which...

  • Is struggling to get customers
  • Photographic equipment collecting dust
  • A photography studio which is vacant most days of the week
  • Having a calendar with no upcoming bookings
  • Is just another pipe dream
  • This marketing kit will help teach you some sales techniques for you avoid the above problems...
Here's a Sample of What We Cover in the "Photography Marketing Kit"
  • Pages 6-12 reveals the many target markets which photographers can target. We provide an exercise for you to complete with multiple examples which can apply to your specific target market.
  • The target market exercise comes with a set template to help you formulate your thoughts.
  • Examples for some niche target markets are included for wedding, corporate, family portraiture among others within pages 6-12.
  • Why you need to build a brand for your photography business. (See page 13)
  • Ideas for you to ponder about relating to building branding into your marketing for your photography business. (Page 14)
  • A calendar of suggested annual marketing activities, by month. (Page 15)
  • A list of 72 ideas where you can advertise and market your business. (Pages 16-17)
  • Ideas to market and sell your photography services throughout the sales cycle. (page 18)
  • Pages 19-22 contain a guide on how to improve your advertising covering multiple small ideas which may potentially improve your response rate from your advertising campaigns.
  • Ideas for effective joint strategic alliances for different types of photography businesses. (Pages 23-28)
  • Why databases are important to photographers (Page 29)
  • How to build a database for your specific business niche (Page 29-31)
  • Detailed and specific qualifying questions to profile your customers (Page 32-34)
  • What to include in a quote (Page 35)
  • How to convince people to buy from you (Page 36) Best Sellers in Camera & Photo > Digital SLRs

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