A Short Course in Digital Photography

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This is a new book, modeled after the long-running and widely used Short Course in Photography, which presents the medium entirely in its current, electronic form. In additional to covering the basic techniques of photography, this text covers the impact of computers on this important art form. Including information on how to transfer your pictures to a computer and make sure they are organized and safe from loss and how to best use computer software to make your photographs look their best. 
Barbara London (et. al.) have produced an easy to digest book of 'how to's' for digital photography. The text is well-written. It's not too wordy and is laid out in bite size chunks that make scanning a breeze. Content covers everything from image capture, to digital workflow (editing), to printing and presenting your shots. The illustrations that accompany the text are relevant and useful. Some of the material obviously got carried over from her film-oriented books and could probably be jettisoned - but not much (her editor may have fallen asleep at the wheel a bit). I'd actually recommend any of the Barbara London and company books - they all use a similar style and - for the most part - cover different aspects of photography. This book was the most on target for digital exclusively - her other books touch on it. Pearson/Prentice Hall have a great catalog of photography books! 

This is a basic guide for anyone starting out. The camera manuals leave many people out in the dark about their camera and wishing to know more about photography. If you have questions why or what are all thoses dials and buttons for. Then this can be a great book for you. Even if you think you know the contents it never hurts to revisit the basics with new eyes. If you can understand these basic concepts you will find you are not having to delete images or miss shooting the images that will impress your friends and family. A very easy read compared to your camera manuals. Several colleges use this book to help students understand the camera basics and enjoy their cameras more. 

The London-Stone book A Short Course in Digital Photography is an excellent example of a seriously refined book for the beginning photographer. In an age when so many photography books attempt to avoid obvious and critical links to analog photography precedents, the authors safely navigate the student from the crucial examples of the past into contemporary practice. The references to traditional photography, or whatever one may wish to call film, are valuable for students of any age and any background. Also, by introducing Lightroom and Aperture, but not trying the impossible task to cover them completely, the authors encourage further research into more advanced program guides. Indeed, this is an excellent all-around short course book. Best Sellers in Camera & Photo > Digital SLRs

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