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 Completely revised edition.

In my book "Easy Photography," I introduced you to the basics of photography and the minimalist technique. Now, it’s time to invade the turf of the pros, by breaking down the techniques of their most treasured art form: landscape photography. We begin with the formula that sums up all of photography:

Exposure = aperture + shutter speed + ISO

amazon buttonThe right mix of the three values equals a good photograph. By reducing photography into simple rules, we are able to walk the field with the pros occupied only by the creative part of the art form.

Unlike oil painting artwork, landscape photography is stuck in the 19th century Age of Realism, where the exact depiction of Nature as seen by the naked eye is the norm, with scrupulous attention to detail, even enhancing reality further by adding to the effect of light and shadow. An impressionist rendering of Nature, with plenty of blots against a blurry backgr! ound, as in the masterpieces of Cezanne and Monet, is an absolute abomination to a landscape photographer. Or you and me, for that matter.

Let us not attempt to change the status quo. Let us look into the secret garden of the old pros and steal some of the Masonic secrets of their art so that we can practice realism as Leonardo and Raphael used to do.

(You can now get Easy Photography and Easy Landscape for less in one easy package entitled Easy Photography Volumes 1 and 2; and because the contents are double in size, you can see more sample pages in the Search Inside window).

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Wilfredo Garrido is an amateur photographer whose day job is that of a lawyer. He uses his analytical skills to break down the technical side of photography into simple rules that fellow hobbyists can appreciate. He teaches photography on the side as a pleasant hobby, not a trade or occupation answering to a jury of customers, using the barest eq! uipment and minimalist techniques to obtain that perfect expos! ure. To prove that his method works, he posts samples of his photographs taken during his forays to the provinces in pursuit of happiness.

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