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Learn Photography! Digital Camera Training! Learn the Manual Mode, F-Stops, Shutter Speeds, Exposure, the Histogram, and more. featuring Canon 60 D, 50 D, and 40 D cameras! However, these techniques can be applied to any digital camera that has a manual mode.

amazon buttonThis is the "hard stuff" made Easy! I often have photographers come to me because they just "don't get it" when it comes to f stops, shutter speeds, lighting, etc. I understand, I've been there. So I created this video training to make it easy to understand and begin using the (M) manual mode of the camera. After all, that is the ONLY way to have real control over exposure and ultimately, the creative possibilities of your camera!

Make sure you get good exposures!

This DVD Video will teach you how to have total image control through the understanding and use of the Manual mode of the camera. It will aslso show you how to check an exposure with the histogram, how to stop action, ! control depth of field, a d much much more

Learn the MOST IMPORTANT yet EASIEST  technique of all for creating images with a professional look.

Understand exposure, the histogram, custom white balance, and more...Know with certainty that you can get the shot every time!

This DVD by Michael Newcomb Photography and The Photo Coach will teach you...

The manual camera mode

Basic Modes vs Manual Mode,

F Stops and the Aperture

Depth of Field

Shutter Speeds and Motion

Custom White Balance

The Histogram


Wait til you see the results you will get, when you apply our techniques to your photography!

Go on location with us as we photograph southern oregon and demonstrate techniques using the manual (M) camera mode. We demonstrate manual exposure, selecting alternate f stops and shutter speeds, depth of field, and more.

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  • 25 year veteran pro photographer shares secrets for outstanding images
  • Learn total image control through manual M mode
  • Understand f stops, shutter speeds, iso, exposure, manual mode
  • Begin taking professional quality images now
  • Easy to understand Best Sellers in Camera & Photo > Digital SLRs

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